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get like 1000W+1000W QSC, 20lbs
clean output
class-d in an R&D environment is so fucking annoying
rab: its possibly, may have been some sort of flyback during the failure
yeah you cant just scope them
also noise issues
for products for normal people, i dont care
they want to class-d a tweeter, fuckit

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its pretty common
less now because of the ST chipamps
marshall has amps with either 3886 or ST TDA7293
dont remember which, was maybe a 7294
usually the front ends are still lumped passive filters, a lot will have a little dsp module for delay and reverb tho
for solid state i kind of prefer it, under 100W
theyre like 7815, besides overvoltage they dont die
very good THD performance
with SMD parts the layouts can be gorgeous
kind of dig all the new AB rack amps with SMPS power

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fs is low enough its prob fine for everything except lowest couple octaves, assuming tuning is totally fucked
94dB sensitivehttp://www.parts-express.com/pedocs/more-info/290-392-goldwood-gw-1238pa-more-info.pdf
totally a guitar speaker, haha
looks like it would work up to ~1K in a real speaker, sharp crossover

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gotta get back to work but if you can find Qts and fs parameters for it, try and get something within like 10%
tho might be a waste, if it was a guitar cab thing may have never been properly tuned anyway, shrug
ha nice
pawn shop i guess
looks like the cheapest new 12" is like $45

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cheapest celestion, comes in 8 and 16 ohms, theres some odd brand thing for $10 cheaper
cheaper than that, new, i would just pickup a PA replacement speaker
they work to well is the problem
guitar speakers are terrible
yeah totally
its open back tho?
wonder where that guy is tuned
prob doesnt matter at all for guitar but keyboard, low end might sound flat or boomy

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ok not irl
solder a to-3 onto sot23 pads ftw
The 'marijuana cannon' seized in Mexicali on Tuesday, which uses an old car engine to generate compressed air.
ha wtf
i hope that doesnt mean they just pump the exhaust into a tank
shawarma beef and french fry pita ftmfw
i guess it doesnt matter if they used the exhaust i dont smoke mexican weed
i dont know anyone who smoked mexican weed
maybe its for mexicans in california
yeah i would look on carvin.com and parts express for replacement speakers
celestion vintage 30s and greenbacks are spendy

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