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swap with a plastic pot

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guitar speakers are horrible but they are sensitive, heh
and its usually squared off waves
mine isnt really nice like a cadillac or bmw its like a jeep
has a tweeter?
oh cool
fuck man this website gives you a $.50 for each review you write
that shit works you a lot more motivated to write reviews

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its not DSP, its probably something bogner had tatood on some chicks back
yeah i think this just has a single vintage 30
the higher end model has a vintage 30 and a greenback
which confuses people and they talk shit, but its to get two diff sounds depending where you place the mic, for recording
which i think is pretty neat
anyway, i would just do a tube pre with solid state buffers into a solid state amp
call it a day
yeah fuck that
thats kinda cool
analog reverb isnt a manufacturing dinosaur
its just springs and coils and some stamped bits
glass envelope electronics is pretty wtf
yeah i mess with bass guitars 50w isnt that loud

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yeah if you dont give a shit about your ears
i think mine has 4
maybe 6l6
heh, DSP frontend, with analog reconfiguration using relays, and active bias control using digital pots
theres a switch on the back for a low volume mode, and itll model the tube distortion 20dB lower so you dont piss off your neighbors
yeah this thing is actually pretty vanilla
mine was free
but i think the DSP is just there for the reverb
and managing levels, you can turn the tube modeling off
and then its basically a tube pre feeding a tube amp, but you can pick if its pentode or triode, class a or ab, and like 4 different voicings dont with bias and gain adjustments

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but it means ill have to work like 4x longer to get a design position, and maybe get paid less
and itd be an uphill battle
because im already good at support/sustaining/manufacturing
wtf anything academic is useful
okay maybe less useful than other shit you could be doing
but i mean learning to knit, not a total waste
better than watching tv
also it gives me time
and a schedule
wasnt that the theme song of an 80s science show for kids?
i obviously dont want to make other peoples market researched feature driven lifestyle audio crap forever
i want to make my own audio crap
yeah but it doesnt move people
those just move you
tecan: a bypassable bypass switch pedal
but not your amp?

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no i said it
i remember specifically going like, 4 or 5 years
so yeah want to go back to school
i think its time to get even bigger loans \o/
heheh my current loan is just over 2% im like RAWK
well at first because this is actually ideal position
i want to take some CC classes, supposed the one here is good so i check it out
but yeah i think i want to eject and finish an bsee program full time
like in two or three years
fuck this go to work full time take 10 years to get a degree shit
im already employable with a pretty kickass resume and i havent even finished school
because the difference between the engineers who went through good programs and the ones who were promoted from lab techs is huge
and its not about what they know or how smart or how good
its about the ability to just recognize what needs to be done and get your shit together enough to do it
into holes like what?
no shit

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linear stepper ftw
really something on a lever with a connecting rod would be best
as far as control
i dont want to put an LFO on a dig
i think there is a conflict of interest somewhere in there
whole business = scam for better monitors
so like
remember when i said fuck school i want to get a job and try out these new skills things
like i was going to do that for 4 or 5 years and learn about what engineers do that piss off techs
and how to make things so it doesnt take 100 hours to build
so i did that
i win

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01:11 < Tecan> you were all hardcore digerydoo lifestyle now look
im still a junglist wtf =\
mostly when people say renesis i think they are talking to kevtris but this time i think he was talking about me
jungle/dnb bass = digital digeridoo
i have its just for other people
rab: people dont have arms long enough to mute their digeridoos
oh huh
next time we tresspass at el matador i will bring it up
the homie usually brings a dig
what like the servo spins a knife that cuts the speaker cables
k my first suggestion is you cut the signal cables
cutting speaker wires is dangerous

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macegr: real mfkrs create startups for breakfast and sell them by lunch

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