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macegr: buy stuff from my work then
its got the lunix and you control it with your apple shits

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marcus visionary right now
if i leave right now i could be there for sub zero
i asked my boss if i could work sunday through thursday
because my big weekend thing is thursday night =\
and sunday i could actually stick to a schedule, get shit done
seemed okay with it, said he would think about it

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that sucks
used draftsight?
not sure if it does 3d
rab: just has to look pretty, i think the original intent was like architectural and landscape design paperdolls
macegr: try draftsight if you havent
doesnt do 3d at all?
i was going to try something today but said fuckit crawled home instead
but yeah i dont have any reason to use autocad anymore
if i was going to pay for or recommend something it would be solidworks, 1000%

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and the week before i made a pack last a whole week (im usually like pack every other day)
and those two cigs were mostly just to see how bad
and yeah they sucked, horrible taste, make me feel sickish
takes like two days for cigs to become horrible, way faster than before
and i can breathe deep without it bothering me and i dont get winded riding home from work
and no ash on all my things
but yeah im using 24mg/ml juice, which is pretty much madman
torx is really nice
the bits are almost always higher quality and except for little ones, its hard as fuck to strip them
work is using like, T8 and T11 and shit like that tho
i was like, mofos i dont think ive ever seen anything except T5 T10 and T15 bits for sale
wtf is T8

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the cool thing about working at a company thats ascending in status is you go FUCKIT and get shit at mcmaster like all the time
get a pitch gauge
rab: prob chinasteel
least mcmaster you know its stainless
might be china stainless but the shit wont disintegrate when you use it
the cool thing about chinasteel is your bits last forever
because its by weight
they got a scoop and mad skills they get it within 20% every time
youll never get it out if youre locky enough to get it in
i think its time to taper the nicotine concentration in my ecig
so ive had like maybe 2 smokes in two weeks

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haha what did you fuckup on that you need M1.2 =\
fucked up tiny screws are acceptable for glasses hinges
if the shit doesnt say MADE IN THE US FUCK YOU CHINA its prob metric

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laundry will be complete at 11:30
laundry anxiety reduced

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guys its cold
wtf is oui
it means you have deviant relations with pedestrians

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west is easy
got off the plane was like wide awake
there was a meteor shower i didnt know about right after korean and iran launched that sat thing
so im driving home and every few minutes i see something fall in front of my window while im drivingat 3am
after the 10th one im like, omg i bet there are little korean soldier curled up in each meteorite
must have been amazing, i saw 10 just in front of my windshield

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rab: neat, take pics
i think im am slightly od'd on nicotine
rab: going east is weird
fly 14 hours, get home look at the clock, its exactly when you left

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fpga is too expensive
if one arduino isnt enough, use 10
where you been?

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