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anyway breakin usually happens in the first hour of real use
so if its changing significant, either back off how you drive them, or get ready to buy something new
but yeah, things can wear out and change parameters without leading to failure
[cube]: no idea
[cube]: my guess is you have to move a lot of mass (needs more magnetic force than a lighter tranducer pushing air), and mount very rigidly

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UV, air, heat, humidity
those are meant to be driven hard
yeah the suspension loosens up
as its stretched and as the glues dry and kinda break up
loosening suspension raises the resonant frequency
so youll lose low end response
but it increases sensitivity
so you gain output, but this only stretches out the spider more, and eventually lead to spider failure, or enough excursion to crash your voicecoil former
likely the suspension is just two spiders
typical surrounds bairly add any stiffness, theyre for alignment more than anything
and looks =D
oh my bad i got that completely backwards i rabbed
wait half backwards
loosening suspension lower fs
so you get more bottom end response
but yeah the increases sensitivity and chances for mechanical failure was correct

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active protection for output transients and average power, besides the typical PSU protection
lots of modern DSP systems have sliding high pass filters
so you drive them hard and they raise the low end roloff, lower woofer excursion
its like ripping out a speakers soul tho, to steal an octave or two from its bottom
passive shit is different
you figure there is the shit that dies young
within a year, because user overdrives them
this user kills all his speaker
my guess its between 5% and 33%, depending on manufacturer
really depending on their target customer
but people who are responsible, or speakers that are sold with amplifiers as a system
maybe 10 years
it depends a lot on the surround material
foam surrounds oxidize
rubber will last indefinitely
then there is the glues used to treat fabric surrounds and spiders
and to assemble the thing
those may break down over time, but again its prob two categories
shit that was done wrong that just breaks when pushed hard
and shit that deteriorates due to environmental exposure

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but yeah at work, you have to endurance test speakers with pink noise and log sweeps and heavy music
so like, you usually have some sort of media player or a PC, either driving bigass amps to test drivers and passive speaker, or directly driving active speakers
and bass is the hardest thing to damp, so the gear is constantly vibrated
platter drive PC will fuckup
last job, every laptop we tried using fucked up
then we went to an SSD based laptop, everything fine
well except its touchpad, when there was enough low end, shit would track funny when you touched it
cd players will typically fail mechanically
so im like fuckit its 2013, we can just use solid state shit
for speakers?
jezus fuck who knows
and modern active shit lasts a very long time

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like i wonder if it jitters or just kinda fades away or what
but yeah cd players are ass on so many levels for endurance test systems
the tray mechanisms always fuckup
the motor bearings wear down and they wont be able to get to speed anymore
sometimes they just spax out like the little optical sensor just sits there trying to focus forever
tape for digital might be okay
platter media is magnetic, too
tape density is prob higher with larger reels, and no reason the cassettes could by the same level of precision machining and shielding as platter drives
when i was a kid i would have cd players fail
mostly the tray mechanisms would fuckup
because always made from ABS, and shit would just wear down
you would hope after 30 years they would have that figured out

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so im all shopping for rack mount solid state media players or cd players with solid state options
because cd players always die and cd media always getting fucked up
so this tascam 2U cd player does USB storage and SD cards
and it says the shit will dump files from CD to the flash devices
which is awesome
reel to reel yo
ha really i'm kinda curious what the failure mode of tape media is from long term vibration

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vodka + russians = expected
i think hes trying to keep the kid
which worries me more

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