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blackmoon: got your demo thing running
is neat but i cant shoot at stuff
oacifist fps

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you have to show consistent progress, without exception
stability is failure

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blackmoon: no big company run on PCBA level repair
a blown fuse means you have to replace a PCBA, plus the one with a blown fuse
most likely they dont even do that, if its a legit problem they send customer a new unit, send the burn one back to the factory to be turned into b-stock
so yeah fuckit, SMD fuses or fuse holders, it dont make a huge diff
except SMD are prob 10% of the cost
we make so much trash
you figure like 95% of the components and mechanicals are okay, on shit sitting in landfills
no, long term strategy is not condusive to pleasing investors on a quarterly timeline

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so like at 12:30a last night im like OH SHIT MY GIRLSCOUT COOKIES ARE IN THE FREEZER AT WORK
and then i ended up there until like almost 7am
almost fell asleep on a listening room couch

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blackmoon: hi
sculptor: hi
happy post-friday
hmmm, those labels are referencing australia, or what

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