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hmm TL interior is pretty cool
i hope pizza place delivers this early

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anyway, if you got a wife/house/dog a truck is prob not a bad idea
i have none of these
i want to go to track days at buttonwillow and laguna seca
i dont think this happens with a wife
maybe a girlfriend
but girlfriends smoke weed, too
wives, not so much

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fuck a truck
tho really they are good to have
my boss and the speaker geeks i work with all have trucks
so rly why i need a truck
i dont buy furniture
yeah i drive too tired too much, so my response times is sometimes slower =\
need car that responds quick
i can go camping in my scion
and yeah some light trucks are all high up on their suspension and pretty soft
makes them fun to drive fast, fly over bumps, is like a rally car

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14:29 < DX^> instead of moving off interstate at 4AM, they just parked in the fast lane
omg that sucks
dx^: how is your shoulder?
yay honda
prob the smell
dx^: glad you are alright!
what truck?
yeah thats not a bad idea
i want to pay off my scion toyotaCar and get an FR-S
because maybe i dont live on california coast forever

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what did you wreck it on
omg dont do that anymore

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