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its releasing stored energy

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pasit means you fucked up
pabstboss: ^
any RMS value is a positive absolute power, you cant have negative RMS
its the root of the mean average of the squares
which is really just a fucked way of doing an average of absolute powers
so yeah, you can have a negative when you multiple two RMS values, because theres no such thing as nagetive RMS values, and positive times positive is a positive result
er, you cant have a negative, i rabbed
but you can have negative instantaneous power in a reactive circuit

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hehe @ fridays
& pina coladas

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genelecs. mmmm
efex: we have their new DSP monitors
omg they measure so flat
9:19 p.m. - Battery - Occurred on Chess Dr. Bar manager reports bouncer was struck in the face by a male subject; no prosecution desired.
haha nice
rub it with your peepee
prob a pussy bouncer
ha i took a coworker to dnb and he made a joke to the bouncer about me like, HEY YOU LET THIS GUY IN HERE?
and bouncer made him like, spread out on the wall, then bend over, then turn around

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it makes modern DSP protected systems flip out
sliding highpass filters, dynamic EQ, peak limiters and power compressors, all going nuts
most active speakers
designed in the last few years
like Mackie SRM, JBL Eon, and QSC K series are made it big
macegr: i thought those were the kind of shows you were into?
genelecs, hmmm
monitor speakers tend to try and run as unlimited as possible
if they dont have overload indicators, typically theyll have some way of sounding bad enough that the engineer will know its out of its envelope

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so dubstep beats at 180bpm with monster bass is drumstep
that sub focus remix was like the end of every set and every night from like may to new years eve of 2010
also http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dD40VXFkusw
also also http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3ot-LMuPgs
so drumstep is proof that the beats arent my issue with dubstep
its that its soooo fuckin slow
i like some of it
but i cant get into a whole set
even when i like it
it is high compressed
drum n bass after a drop is too
i found a lot of tracks that were like 5-7dB crest factor, and i didnt look very long
industry standard speaker endurance testing is 6dB crest pink noise
theres no headroom
typical music is considered to be 10-20dB crest

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drum n bass is basically anything that isnt 4 on the floor that goes 180bpm like +/-5%
but drum n bas sproducers were taking dubstep, speeding it up, adding 360bpm snares and hats
use a shot glass foolio
just put the nugs in and point the scissors at the bottom and chop
seriously its as good as most high end CNC'd grinders
did you clean it?
sub focus fixes the rusko track
efex: i havent played with a lot of hardware stuff
not more than for a few minutes
i really <3 reason tho

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house being way more popular than jungle, dubstep picks up huge momentum among that crowd
at this point it has almost nothing to do with classic dub sound
national instruments' softsynth plugin, massive, becomes the defining sound of progressive house, dubstep, and a good amount of drum n bass
formant filter and vocoder effects infect every sample
some of it is kind of fun, tho
wobble dubstep anthem shit ^
of course not
i cant listen to it for more than 10 minutes
i can listen to like 8 hours of drum n bass
and still be dissapointed when its over
an interesting thing happens
half steps half always existed in drum n bass

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so around this time, drum n bass is picking up house music influences
more upbeat, dance party oriented sound
dubstep pretty much does the same thing
goes both ways, house music picks up a lot of jungle bass sound and actual drums
progressive house: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RVKLcaIAE8

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grime/garage music, i dont know much about this shit, here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2i0Nw3NDBU&list=AL94UKMTqg-9DsHkL_jAdlzGtxGqTHqRxi
very sparse beats
so dubstep starts like this
it sounds like dub, slow, spacey
6blocc is RAW, a los angeles jungle dj/producer since the early 90s
most early dubstep producers are from the drum n bass scene
it basically dub soundscapes with dark urban jungle bass, and UK halfstep drums

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this is like the late 90s, tech itch is defining: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVwTF7Nw3-w
so elements of ragga jungle, liquid dnb, and techstep dominate through the mid late 2000s
indisputable leader in hard heavy bass and fast drums
this is like my favorite era of jungle/dnb
meanwhile in the UK, dnb has become a staple, and half step music styles become popular

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culture is heavily dub/ska/dancehall jamaica rudeboy inspired
but more militant
so obviously this has marketing issues
at some point the term drum n bass i used to try and distance the scene from the rudeboy criminal image
jazzy, triphoppy themes are introduced, kind of the start of the liquid sound
liquid drum n bass sound: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NeuWZ7nQduQ&list=PLB6812640F1D4EA5D
AND THEN, the higher production quality of the liquid stuff, and the aggressive broken beat jungle stuff kind of turn into techstep, breakcore, etc
sound pallete turns more sci-fi and cyberpunk, long 808 hits are replaced by long, distorted, droning basslines

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90s hardcore: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9yIGeBPnyE
kicks every beat, double kicks for emphasis, long decay 808 sounds, and really fast
like 160-200bpm
soundscape is lots of kung fu, horror movie samples
and its very dark, punk, like metal rockers, all black, studs,
this died in the late 90s but is coming back
jungle came from hardcore
they took old drum breaks, and cut em up, turned them into crazy break beats, around 180bpm
and used pitched shifted 808 samples to do crazy kick bass melodies
jungle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYa6ARcJsKk
so to me, this is something new
its not from disco
its from hip hop, its from dub, its from hardcore, its more punk than punk rock

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it was like a return to ragga jungle roots, but with the uk garage/grime half step
instead of a breakbeat
its slower, tho, so people can dance to it
and its got more funk than a straight house beat
anyway, this plus new dance party drum n bass sound (more towards house party sound) turned old 'ragga' dubstep into the dance party and bro step shit it is today
okay here
70s dub: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xJ9fggYhvY
80s sounding house: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1rNKA2ittQ
its electronic disco, 4 to the floor kickdrum, snare every other beat
120-140bpm, easy to dance to, huge in gay bars
this turned into hardcore
because some people just dont like disco

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reza____: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9rzI4Hcjio
drumstep ^ (like dubstep but 30% faster and less bass wobble)
jungle comes from dub
late 70s jamaican music
dub is one of the first electronic forms of music
producers in jamaica would take master tracks from different songs and make new music
lots of reverb and delay effects, this is when they first became available
king tubby and scientist two dub producers
old substep, like from ~6 years ago, sounded like dub

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even if she could, its of limited use in close quarters
and longer mag give the option of putting down cover fire so her children can move safely
this isnt about sport and hunting
its about hurting and killing people
as long as weapons exist, honest people should definitely have access to them
the defcad guy is def a tool
i think even alex thinks so
haha so at my friends, and he has some dnb and dubstep producer/dj staying with him
and the fucking dj puts on a few dubstep streams, and even he didnt like most of what was on
did you listen to bass music before it?
dubstep is better than most things that arent jungle/dnb
at least its not disco
haha so now there is a form of house called disco-house, or some shit
theyre not even hiding it =

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because the ability to defend yourself is what freedom comes from
because the ability to defend yourself and others is what freedom comes from
^ better answer
assault rifles and long mags should be legal because its the best way a mother can defend her children from a home invasion siatuation
small woman cant weild a heavy hunting rifle well

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macegr: so republican idiot slant is dissapointing
but the core idea is credible

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