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0805 looks comically huge to me now
fucking RF engineers
heh, had to by new tips, was doing rework last week with some shit was like, OMG THIS IS LIKE 3 PINS WIDE
wtf is a front
oh this is for your glasses
sucks is like, all trying to be mr badass audio tech
ohsit 2 days of rework
we hired a tech tho, never done audio, pretty ninja with the iron, so i get to decouple from that a bit at least
starts in a couple weeks

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its only 6.3V
are you going to DAFUQ every time this happens? prob happens every other months
like 2 or 3 years ago
4 or 5 years ago they didnt really exist
id go as big as i could fit
big ceramics were failing during power tests
plate to terminal bonding is prob a lot sketchier

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which any tab can do

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so by default its inferior
i like being able to use both my hands
when i pad came out, half of the execs would have them in meetings
ended in about a month
because theyd need a laptop anyway
macegr: no i mean put shit in my pocket so i can like, do shit
also its my least fav controller for work shit
i like the ipod/iphone shit better
pretty sure i seen it
was pretty cool
at what latency

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so now it thinks for you?
maybe if your phone wasnt ridiculously small you wouldnt be as thrilled with the ipad
the nexus 4 is smaller than galaxy nexus
because my shit is almost two years old and still bigger than an iphone
*then nexus 4
the 5 was dated when it was released
anyway, all sorts of tabs fit in peoples pockets
ipad is a big expensive fragile thing
people have pockets on their sides?
right but its made by apple

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i dunno i can do that with my phone
actually, i used to do that with my shitty little feature phone =)
but yeah i usually outlook webmail with my galaxy nexus, never had issues
email on my smartphone or ipads?
iunno my phone has qwerty
if i had an ipad i could look at pdf and spreadsheets bigger
but i wouldnt be able to do shit with them most of the time without a laptop
shrug, ipad isnt much more convenient than a laptop
well for work
and remember i do real work
ive had a laptop fly off my roof and slide across a parking lot
and it worked fine after
i dont think an ipad can do that

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