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sapphire glass might be next smart phone glass
they can make that shit out of aluminum
so theyll mix it with shit, shrug
its towards diamond quality and its not nearly as expensive

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i think they let the iphone users have that, finally
blackmoon: the glass is prob a few dollars when you buy 100,000 of them at a time
so typical markup for service parts, now its $50, and then $150 for labor seems right, like two hours of work for a non motivated asshole
my glass is curved and doesnt have a hole for a stupid hardware interface button on the face
and sculptors glass appears to be made of god

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1280 x 720 4.7", vs 1136 x 640 4"
my shit is like, way old now, too
and i just got a two piece otterbox
like, silicone rubber cover, with an ABS hard cover that clips over it
i drop my phone itll be like SMACK bounce a couple time, i pick it up midair dont even bend over
okay not quite that awesome, but almost, and ive dropped it on flat surfaces on its face like, i dunno how many times
asphault and concrete
shit is phone
iphone hits the concrete is disintegrates into a billion pieces
iphone glass breaks when you rub it with your face too hard
looks like glass for iphone is $12-$200
and yeah my shit breaks they send me another
insurance, bitches!

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mfkr channel
yeah fuck iphone
anyway, hi

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