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$320 for four laps in a subaru brz (a lap is prob like 15 minutes in that car)
well, with me driving and not dying
all my nurburgring experience is sim racing, ive died like 100 times

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do want
is like $35k and you has to put it together yourself =
c3 corvette is like that + batmobile
theyre both heavily inspired by italian cars
the z is supposedly japans take on german engineering and italian design
europe doesnt even have cars
its a myth
so is the nurburgring
wonder how much it costs to rent a car to take on the nurburgring

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hahaha, worst blind spots ever
silly door latches]change air filters, fuck your engine!
i forgot to enter enter about silly door latches
sexiest american car ever
well, road car
shelby daytona is sexier

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rab: blow fuel into intake befre manifold?
guess it cant be worse than the carb thats there
those are the best corvettes
by far
more reliable
have you been in other vettes?
yeah thats what they do
haha that year doesnt have a hatchback *or* a trunk lid
giant cubby hole ftw
anyway its the closest thing america has to a sports car
hey its way bigger than the console cubby on my scion
also tires are huge!
fender arches are nuts!
sooooo low

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anyway if its got any kind of filter network, like a crossover section or a snubber, put the PTC before
and a microphone
wtf is a synchro

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as long as you back off when you start to smell coil, prob be okay
ants are back
they took the winter off, i guess
haha @ piano w/ temp gauges
thermocouples are easy if youre setup for it
in series with the coil?
its done in speakers, theyre spendy for decent ones tho
pc: this thing doesnt have any sort of filter networks, does it?
like a HPF or something
put the PTC before that shit if yes
if not doesnt really matter
well you have a crazy huge budget
right im talking about his hacker magsynth

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woah this channel got all super interesting
efex: what made that recording?
the pads/chimes sounding thing
its just phasing/flanging or what?
oh nice
haha we just got a magnetizer at work, we went up to portland to hang with the crazy magnet scientist who made it
youre just using an electro megnet over the strings?
well, he runs the only magnetizer manufacturer left in the country
trained caltech mechanical engineer, but hes been doing magnets for like 35 years
efex: this is neat
efex: youre driving the electromagnet with a synth and amps?
very cool

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use a motorcycle or SLA battery
come in lots of sizes
then use like 3 Li-Ion
sealed lead acid

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looks neat
looks like around 10V
i would keep it above 12
its to drive the fet gates

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or just fix your phase shift problem
im hungry
im going to go on a mission for bagels

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and youre going to PWM the cap or what
i guess thats one way deal with gate capacitance...
no to pwm the cap

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