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endless catsitting starts tonight
i think

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if it has opamp output, it likely has between 50 and 600 ohms output impedance
by design
maybe split in two with some diodes and caps to ground and/or power for some immunity to bullshit
nice, sounds like a party
(stereo triamp'd speaker + stereo subs)

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input is kinda the same, not exactly sane to assume consistent source spec, tho
if your thing has a hardware volume control, you make it work for home audio levels at nominal knob position
and it can be adjusted for pro input levels
if you dont have an attenuator, you assume a headroom for pro levels (so 4dBu + assumed crest factor), and home levels take a hit in resolution
you pro level headroom should include the compressor/limiter max gain reduction
if applicable

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caps, maybe a series resistor, no big deal
you dont have the headroom for regulators
just use mad caps
so expensive regulators and opamps
yeah theres like 10 diff ways to do it, you have to sit and think about why theyre different (because unless youre really into detsails, theyre not)
yeah have fun even defining what that means
output conversion can be done with one amp channel
both ways, assuming a decent low impedance source

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not in that schematic
1k is too much on the output of oa2d
should be almost nothing, or nothing

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this for the amp not doing anything in that schematic?
audio hacker rule of thumb, never trust anything over 100K
lower resistance is better for noise and resistance to ambient temperature changes, but eats more battery
i would just use a pair of 10K, 10uF and .1uF across the lower resistor
100pF too if its in a digital system
oa2d isnt doing anything
besides loading itself up

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nomnomnom (cheese and crackers)

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and then blow it on shit for yout tv?
i guess thats the american thing to do
yeah that doesnt happen here sculptor

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next thing is going to be ssd arrays
this pc is pretty used up
2550 is less weak?

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put your kid up for adoption
then youll have time
buy lottery tickets on your way
neat, i guess
shes few years old now?
almost old enough to shovel snow
sounds like espionage

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one of the engineers at work through some pizzabox workstation my way
has low profile card bays, parport card that fits is like $27
so i ask boss if i can buy parport card to get my cnc running
since its a work pc
sculptor: theirs d2700 with parport i think
the last board i got had parport on a pin header, i broke it out to a card plate
no not intels board
and so far ive only bought intels atom stuff
i look at it
i got the d2700 version of that recently for an audio system control pc

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thats usually how that works
blackmoon: hi
so my old atom mobo died i think
living in the woodshop at work, is for the cnc
i need parport

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fix = recover users data, present to them fresh windows

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