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like 40C tops, assuming your shit isnt towards burning up by design, and the board house didnt ship you half oz or over etched copper
well, typically you design shit for human environments, like room temp, or for equipment rack type shit, so more like 60C
but yeah board looks pretty good!

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usually its smart to overkill on power, way over spec if you can fit it
saves a lot of repair time during early prototyping and test =)
its fine, maybe not ideal for startup or fault conditions
you want the board to survive so the circuit has time to do whatever its supposed to do during a fault
pro shit, like as much time or more is spent on radio emissions and immunity, and fault tolerance for safety or reliability
for a spec temp rise given a specific ambient
400mA at 25C ambient (which is actually the heat created by nearby parts)
my guess is like 10c or 20c temp rise
which is fine if your shit just lives in human environments

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and 500 at a time is like, catalog shit
so you have no leverage
if you can swing usa final assembly and test, youre building a better product
even if you cant stamp that on it
and you can always say, designed assembled and tested in the usa from components made in china
personally, i would put designed in california, or your city
they probably bit it from someone else
audio has been stamping shit like that on products for decades
not surprised
i think so
didnt look to bad
power traces should prob be fatter
youre fine

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anyway, manufacturing locally is just a better way to do things
its not something you can quantify
thats normal
even for stuff manufactured here
mechanical parts and PCBA run in china, shipped, assembled and tested here
anyway, they wont be that good compared to a legit usa boardhouse
but it probably doesnt matter
you have to design the product to be done here
basically you ask the contract manufacturers how they want to make your shit
and do it
im sure there are, they prob just sell to the mil and high end medical
and they prob wont even talk to you unless you want like 500 at a time

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well because you havent worked in consumer product manufacturing
you prob left out shipping
you likely dont have QA standards and may not even check
and yeah shipping on PCB not so big a deal
unless they got huge and/or fragile parts
but in general, overhead involving moving and warehousing product, as well as burnt time getting things into production and tested right
because you dont have overhead
you shit likely isnt complicated enough and youre not building enough to create a ton of drama
youre not competing for a factory floor, youre not pestering them to design shit for you, youre not dragging them by their balls until the first product ships

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a pc out of the trash and the cheapest LCD at newegg

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