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so you want to create turbulence, or create multiple airpaths, to smooth out the thumps
then for high frequency stuff, you just damp shit
prob a lot of it comes from the external surfaces of the exhaust
so wrap in open fiberglass
turbulence is going to change engine performance, fiberglass will prob make everything run a bit hotter
could make shit better tho, shrug
yeah that should work okay
assuming you dont get a turbo and some super low resistance turbo exhaust

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but everything is in degrees, and no signal has been transported undistorted in the analog realm, ever
anyway, you lose at audio
which is of course the only thing that matters
the obvious shit changes back pressure
low frequency shit you prob cant eliminate, but you can spread it out
create enough turbulence or split up the air path to spread the thumps out
no you would have to suck in air to cancel noise, i think
straight dc flow wont make noise
so you have to try and smooth out the impulses
direct flow, steady, a pressure gauge needle wouldnt jump

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which again, in an ideal dsp implimentation, doesnt need to exist
and yes in many circumstances it would be audible
well, theres a knee in terms of slew rates
but im pretty sure i would start my knee at the treshold
as a matter of concise block definition
because youre most likely writing the block to be used by other designers, who more than anything want to control when their signal is being processed
analog implimentation can be towards dsp implimentation, easily
you make the treshold based on a window comparator and control the knee by low pass filtering the comparotor output to slowly ramp the base current of youre shunt transistor
and that transistor aint gonna do until you push it
now, if its a tiny signal and a shitty transistor with mad leakage, its possible youre introducing non linearities during non triggered operation

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that image just shows compression without a knee
that very much depends on the limiter or compressor
in a dsp implimentation, it can totally be completely unaffected
02:58 < cheater__> renesis: well, the degree how affected it is might be almost inaudible
because there is no effect
if a DSP limiter isnt tripped, it does nothing, it has zero effect
based on the knee

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want me to check qsc q-sys?
it depends on the knee and ratio?
fuck i need to sort out my bot login
typically limiters do something audible
they add harmonic content
anyway, youre describing a limiter
youre not wrong, about your limiter, but in generally youre being retarded
professional opinion
well, right
you did
paste print mfkr
so now youre saying all compressors have no defined threshold?

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what do you mean turn signals on or off?
and ive worked on several of these circuits and designed a couple?
symmetrix dsp processor limiter block has two parameters, threshold and release
rane drag net limiter block has threshold, attack, and release
02:48 <+renesis> symmetrix dsp processor limiter block has two parameters, threshold and release
02:49 <+renesis> rane drag net limiter block has threshold, attack, and release

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and if limiter/compressor thresholds are absolute, instead of refering the power rails, the circuits wont work correctly or at all
limiters can be a lot of diff circuits/algorithms
and in a lot of cases its just comparator amps driving a transistor to clamp out the lower half of a divieder, or a voltage controlled resistor
limit the current to the transistor, filter the output to the window comparator, theres lots of ways to control the knee and ratio of a limiting circuit

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reza: have you tested your shit at 40C in an enclosure while dissipating max theoretical power at 10% high line mains input?
thermal and voltage input ranges are the other consumer electronics hacker nightmares
japan fucks everything up
no i dont think so
its like an LED with built in logic level switch?
because their mains voltage is 100V
and theyre not a huge market
so most of the time you need your 120V system to at least function at 100V
lots of amps wont produce typical rated output in japan

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reza: ha, nice
welcome to real EE shit
usually see local interference and EMC eat up more development time than circuit layout and debug
prototype consulting is where its at
do all the fun shit, by the time mass production manufacturing gets really real youre long gone

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itll throw the resistor out of spec
so if youre not running a ton of headroom, electric tape might be bad
but if electric tape is bad, youre prob doing something wrong anyway
so yeah i guess electric tape is fine
in that case, go for it

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