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we have scope cam bullshit
and some expensive digital cam
i use the cam on my phone in one of the eye lenses
because wtf @ huge images that dont fit in emails

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oh wrong chan
carry on

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macegr: wow when he starts whipping them with his belt
macegr: the robot one is really, really old

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or for this thing?
so pour some glue all over the shit
replace all the psu
no just the psu!
dunno i would just get a big white brick
because its a waste of money
and digital ballasts arent known to be very reliable
and you should be replacing your bulbs every grow anyway
youre not growing in a warehouse trying to get 2% more than last time
just get some shit like that

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what is a big white brick heatsink chassis?
i have a switchable hps/mh linear ballast, 400w
digital supplies are prob just tl494 or the other 70s switcher ic, and a transformer
maybe a crowbar circuit on an led
does i have a noise?
does it gets into the signal?
thats cool at least
can you feel it on the keys?
i can fix that
not always
it might be layout
too far from a mounting boss
or the winding is on a core that not fixed to the mounting bits very well

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use them for your preamp or output stages or whatever to get the tube effect you want
and do everything else solid state
modern parts
linear is fine, not enough current to get mad ripple, dont need so much caps
they rectify mains
no they rectify mains, turn it into a monster dc rail
then chop that up into a transformer
sometimes the AC on the other side of the transformer will be rectified with mosfets
active rectifier, more efficient with low rds_on fets

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its almost 11pm and im trying to get vid of my sub doing protection leds
i want to do a 12ax7 preamp with opamp buffers
just to piss everyone off
not much
signal path is uA, big plates and screens maybe few mA
yeah but im saying its nothing compared to a solid state amp
tubes are crap

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i was going to make a joke about laser tag xray scanners
looks like i wasnt joking

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when i clear queue on work shit the music stops
music should keep going until end of file
check out the assembly instructions
that shit looks pimp
like, you got a knife, youre good
or your teeth
what the fuck are you guys talking about

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they make a perfect ground reference
that was not very nice

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yeah i think ive seen some that are braids of twisted pairs
yeah ive seen braided with single wires and with twisted pairs
i like so dont even want to tough those probes
we get pretty hack and slash in the lab, they wouldnt last long out of their storage sleeves
yeah thats usually how we do stuff
because lots of tiny pitch pins or leadless stuff
also we have these metal pins with wooden dowel handles
well clip probes onto those and use the pin tips to probe~

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logic analyzers are so boring!
yeah all my jobs, if i was using a logic analyzer, was usually just because they had dso modes
yeah for your stuff its super useful
most digital stuff ive dealt with has been serial streams
and random combinational circuits
they have the sexy braided ribbon probes?
i guess its for crosstalk?
ha nice

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