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chi died

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Item is not available at this time. Can be Preordered.
$150, nice
i have a fatar 88 key controller, old midi shit
these things would be perfect for it
808 kick is obsolete
it decay knob doesnt go far enough
yeah thats why im into them already!
so is it real analog?
or modeled?
i wouldnt mind modeled
no shit?

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the diodes dump energy into the suppy rail caps and and ground if voltage higher than vcc or lower than gnd gets through the caps and ferrite
instead of letting it hit the opamp output
also, splitting up the output resistor, and putting the caps in between help isolate system noise from getting out into the world, and keep world noise from getting into the system
i believe the rf guys call it a tank filter
cheater__: neat
not for sale
if were lucky
it aint real if i cant buy it at sweetwater
google doesnt know
yeah and

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your opamps need to have low input voltage offset for them to be totally matched, but honestly its not going to make a huge difference
its more important to try and get any noise that gets through to be present on both lines, so its taken care of by the differential input on the other end of the cable
what c9 is for
anyway, thats tons of hands on ESD and EMC research in that output circuit, youre welcome

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almost done

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am i doing homwork?
youre going single ended to balanced to go into a differential ADC, right?
they still teach audio circuits in school
i hope
okay that works for that
ive seen this in dozens of pro circuits
you want a more elaborate output circuit

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tonsofpcs: why would they be more different in parallel than in series
you *maybe* have phase issues at very high frequencies
but probably not
also you need to setup one amp inverting and one non inverting, so thats also going to contribute to differences in performance
it has a gain of 6dB
i dont understand what youre saying
you can make r6 10k for unity gain if you want
r5 adjusts the input resistance
ratio of r5 and r6 is your gain
r7 bleeds residual charge of c6, the coupling cap
youre talking about your circuit?

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you set the gain of the input with r6
theyre inverting amps
and youre not really loading up the vground
just the supply rail and real ground, vground is a reference, more stable than dumping signal currents into it and making the vground amp figure it out

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yeah but you gotta figure out how they work before doing shit with them
else youll just be a timecop
well, ESD and EMI stuff is pretty advanced
if youre having trouble wiring up opamp blocks
i know
my ground symbol is a true ground
your supply needs to be floated
you can just change the grounds inside the coupling caps to their own net to diconnect it
yeah fine then you lift the signal
well im sure your shit doesnt work
labels in the thing are kinda stupid
neat schematic tool tho

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tonsofpcs: did you study circuit and integrate into your own hax or what

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cheater__: kinda ya

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cheater livin off the grid, buyin his electronics on the dl
i only like the cheddar and sour cream ones

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heh, truth
in LA mcmaster is like that
courier just shows up with a clipboard and your shit

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doesnt seem to simulate

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tonsofpcs: https://www.circuitlab.com/circuit/75m8fd/screenshot/1024x768/
k does it work now?

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rucas: normal!
until you making > a hundred at a time
tonsofpcs: the links dont work?
for prototyping those rawk
tonsofpcs: !
amd athlon xp heatsinks > *
was like the last gen before everyone started caring about power consumption

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okay done with the virtual ground
oh nm
k better

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but im stoned and hungry so dont be surprised if i just leave
where is batteries in this circuit lab shit
by help you i mean do it for you
so youre not going to learn shit
but im going to have fun
man fuck these amps theyre upside down

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and even when they are, theres a direct correlation between ripple and cost so lots of ripple is normal
so caps across R17 will reduce the ripple on your ground reference
the cost is longer stabilization times for your ground reference
but its prob still less than a second
jezus fuck
disconnect the virtual ground from the real ground
man this opamp hates you
yes thats what i mean
also are these amps line drivers with set gain?
other wise it looks like you are running the amps open loop
which is madman
output is diffamps which is fine but you need to disconnect the half supply virtual ground amps output from the power supply ground
and then connect the virtual ground to your ground net
k im going to help you

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is this battery powered?
is this for mass production?
put 1uF and like 1000pF across r17
put 1uF and 1000pF across C1
put a 1uF capacitor and a 1000pF capacitor in parallel with R17
and another pair of that across C1
because you rail is going to have high frequency ripple
a few mV if its good, more if it isnt, and itll change a bit with load
smps arent always regulated

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heh, i geeked out on audio shit with one of the guys in this group last weekend, i had no idea how geeky he was...
best stepdub song ever

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