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thats what we got in every lab ive worked in
then there is also the stack of the green kester, which no one uses

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steampunk is kinda of like, technology without miniaturization, less electrons
like, weve already done that

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lots of tubes, big giant transistors, crazy harnesses to ceramic racks of point to point soldered parts
whole thing is like, deadbug
i think everything is going to fall apart in the 2020s
new shit old shit everything
designing a 10 year product is like, omg impressive now
they have worker and QA initials all over them
haha ya

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if its not paypal protected dont do it
fuck ebay
is this for work or to fuck with?
yeah if you can afford two crapscopes you can prob get one decent scope
gauze: i have a diff XY scope like that
505 or some shit
mines circuits seem okay, just the switches all bad
should try it
but the pots are lost i think
work kinda okay but seem like theyre going to go soon
beautiful inside

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uhoh tek plugin madness
cheater__: neat shit but mostly beyond its reliable lifespan, lots of custom parts, bins and bins of them at ham shows
i mean bins and bins of tek plugins, not parts
and you can man i just got catted with wet shins
this is just a temp cat

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you need to make stuff move more
but thats neat

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