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An operator's command takes 1.2 seconds to reach the drone via a satellite link.
fuuuu that doesnt sound fun

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ya i think i had more fun reading about that
yeah we did that
we just didnt grow bugs to do it

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yes he has left the basket

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put ringy ball in laundry basket
cat permanently amused

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i think that already means mother fucking bad ass

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hi kevtris
macegr: hi
macegr: go to ALMS at laguna seca in three weekends
why no
has it really been a year since last maker faire?
also im just going to call it make fair from now on
wtf @ extra letters

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layout must be totally wtf
hi kevtris

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and turbos handle amazing

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faster than a merc diesel
no pickup and total shit handling on those, id take a volvo any day
mercedes 300
turbo wont fix the lead cloud handling

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