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Although the DEA has send out hundreds of forfeiture warning letters to dispensary landlords throughout California, Santa Barbara is the only place where DOJ officials have followed up with personal meetings. DOJ officials are said to have boasted of making an "example" of Santa Barbara.
okay so i guess fuck doj
i wonder if the fbi knocks on my door before the delivery guy calls

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cat makes great chair warmer
delivery weed is retarded
fuck santa barbara

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we got a magnetizer at work
so i magnetized the fuck out of out long phillips bits
can make magnets

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neat she plays a j bass too!
europeams, her band is hanging out with a coworker, and other band they were doing the show with wouldnt let her borrow off the shelf normal looking fender bass
so i lent her my latina j bass
after show she is like MAYBE I WANT TO BUY IT but i <3 latina j bass

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