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inverting amps will work backwards!
as dividers
when powered off
sucked to figure that out, i used to turn off my subwoofer to kill my monitor speakers
because they route through its crossover circuit
and i take off headphones like, omg why are monitor speaker making tiny porn sounds
its got enough logos to make going worthwhile
nico better have three newjobs when he come shome

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with a wax stamp
you still have to do expense reports
whats wrong with that?
pretty sure i get normal reward points
you can use that shit on travel
you just have to pay a $90 fee
theres like 8 diff airlines
thats when i grab the printed receipt
and yeah since my first fit where i threw a fit about it, my hotels always been paid for
bitches expected me to pay out of pocket for weeks in a korean hotel, wtf fuck that they paid for the fucking plane ticket because obviously i dont have that kind of cash sitting around
naw i usually just put my feet on it
kind of ramble at the cieling

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the funny thing i think future jungle already happened
its called breaks
and its old
i guess more pad synth and scifi movie samples
if i needed weed bad in portland id prob just drive out to friendgirl
pretty in pink is the correct answer
tekrad: i think its a hgipsters job to pretend the 90s never happened
because basically theyre stuck in the late 80s
and widespread punk is about to happen to their indie lala shit
because its just a reservation!
but if you click back you might buy twice!
just ask them to print out a receipt
in caligraphy

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i think thats about how much we paid for a room in portland
well, paid for rooms
that looks way cooler than tha marriot
macegr: i know, im saying id prob enjoy that more than the 20 pillows and $10 fruit cup at the marriot
thats like future retro, or something
guys there is this thing now called future jungle
thats jungle at dubstep speeds
so like, i guess everyone can just play their old jungle records on 33 and theyre like, the next hip thing
yeah its about time

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ask them in chinese

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