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heh tiocketmaster wants me to buy insurance for a will call ticket

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it makes you feel like you ate too many pistachios
is not an awesome feeling
drinking water just seems to make it sloshier i think i need to mix it up with more food
theyre onion and garlic flavor pistachios

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i ate too many pistachios

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5e3/100e3 is like 50mA
wait now you have me on crack
5V/100k is like 50uA
youll be fine
we dont, you do
youre capacitive, tho
so you maybe get a pulse, but no idea what source impedance is like
5,000,000V to get 5000A into 100kohm

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timecop: you could filter the pwm
prob not, prob just use an hbridge
for a brushless motor driver
chipamps might make sense
if the speeds and loads fell within a specific range
i think there might be white paper about it, natsemi or st
zeeshan: the force is running low with you
well what are the variables

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class-d is a saw or triangle wave into one side of a comparator
and signal into the other
to pwm into your power section, into an LC filter
doesnt need to be anything digital about it
pretty sure thats how all commodity PWM chips do it, and thats how most discrete and integrated class-d output drivers work
if the saw wave is a counter and youre pulling words from a digital streams, thats a digital amp
timecop: depends on rails and how you set it up, how fast you need it to be
something like an h bridge for a motor, chipamps are prob great for it
output to motor to ground
or output to motor to output (bridged for dir control)

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we can do shit in dsp for that
we only use class-d opamps
pwm switching amplifiers
no, class-d because after C
which already means something
class-d isnt digital
but you cant hear it

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timecop: ?
we had a sign like that
we relabled it NO PINCHING
ours didnt have that weird bean
fuck that, just use speakons and 12awg 2 conductor underground mains cable

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