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ccfl_man: its okay he does that hell probably be back
maybe not today or this week

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and hes like, ya theyre said they need to figure out how to fix that
like, duh hire 5x the techs who can handle real EE shit, and teach them the ME and acoustics shit
if they figure it out right now, still gonna take like 2 or 3 years to fix
by then theyll prob have 3x the engineers
hire top talent, leave them hanging
do they even have good weed in japan?
prob some yakuza shit
so it is yakuza shit

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we wont let the engineers use the metcal anymore
they talk shit about it and break the tips
then they fuck up our fine tips for the digital weller
its a tip i use for 0201, theyre like, using it to pry soic and connectors off
same shit to the soldering tweezers
synth: theyre engineers, so yes
so they might ship me 3000 miles so i can help take some shit apart ive never worked on
just to be another acoustics guy on the ground to listen for buzz
and im like, to my boss, see what i mean about not having a team of general techs who can handle more than one very specific thing

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