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timecop: because jeep whores

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08:18 < reza____> wow, one of the pcbs worked without any serious faults

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it worked
so it failed to fail

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reza____: failed to fail!

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ccfl_man: it depends on the load, almost completely if its after a regulator
so if its for audio, you would do like, i dunno 100, 1k and 40k
if its a digital circuit, like 100k
above 100k you prob want to use other types of caps, ceramic and film, the electrolytics will work but not well, not to spec

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they were better or worse
for example, panasonic wont always list ESR
impedance at high frequency isnt ESR
its just an indicator or how much the cap sucks at being a cap at higher frequency, electrolytics are usually spec'd for like 100Hz operation
because they didnt both to calc ESR when they datasheets list a delta tan
check panasonic FC series
if its too good, try NHG or M series
if its not good enough, try panasonic FM
if theyre too expensive, look for chemicon equivalent series

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3rd post
reza____: wtf add a watchdog or psu/reset sequencing circuit
where are you adding delay?
in some sort of non volatile config register, or in code?
than yeah sounds fine
ccfl_man: a lot of times you can derive rough ESR from the max operating temp, too

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wtf ESR .1 to 1 ohm
why do you need it in that range?

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omg the guy put the rice on the left and the beans on the right this time!?
he never does that i wonder what it means
feedback is for losers
real mfkrs just pwn a transformer and call it a day
and in audio thats not a joke btw =\

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