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like wtf how do i not leave food out if i have cat
blackmoon: how come output of AP selection is HP
tecan: oo neat
er tekrad
surely the cat will make some sort of glorious mess out of it
but im kind of curious about that too

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tecan: nice bean
i half cleaned my place
i have like 5 boxes to sort into audio, pc, electronics, weed, random piles
then i can move shelves to where boxes are
then everything will be happy
guys ants got the cats food

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but can you serve files from the directory?

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not seeing real answers
this does not mention anything about netgrocer
does that work?
its not an http server it doesnt have to

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does fedex have freezer trucks?

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guys if i buy frozen things from online grocery
and it takes a few days to get here
how does that work

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