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wtf train

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cats: play fetch by themselves.

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out of porridge?

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bunny suit worked by my face is still kinda itchy like under eyes above where mask was =\

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isnt that the strip between alaska and russia?
yeah, super shallow, wasnt always submerged
it is but it froze over last ice age
thats the supposed migration path of american natives
that or some insane cross pacific shit
which is nuts, but its how polynesia and hawaii got populated
haha @ hawaii, that was some lucky shit

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in any position?
how does that work
i guess two pickup tubes and some sort of ball valve would work

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omfg so much fiberglass
least i had a bunny suit this time!
power test bunker 95% done \o/
`nico: does less than blink LEDs based on some sense input?

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