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not enough information

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a unity gain buffer
god you suck at this
whatever input impedance you want, whatever output impedance you want
it doesnt have to?
iunno, it czn
all of them
you dont design with singles
if you dont use one side of a dual, you ground the + input and connect output to -

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likelyhood of techshop in LA = low
in santa barbara = hahaha
insurance prob too high
aw shit
jumpin jack frost in two weeks

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urgent fax cat

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did you do lounge style booth again?
that shit is super win compared to like, folding table with some module shit on top \
like with small bean bags?
cute like charlies angels

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sounds artsy
cops showed up because loud =\
they are like, okay you are not loud so warning! and even if loud, we do like warning first time anyway
then $1000 ticket
but they have to prove its too loud
its all bass it wont even show up on weighted spl meters!
no i dont know because im not a fuckin brony
with an IRCEE
is like strippers who gets phd with strippe rmoneys
macegr: was maker faire awesome or just like, meh

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