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if its an arms race how come you havent done shit with 3w emitters

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oh because its double the area of light

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i got work to pay for layout
cant do back annotation but whatever was finished too fast to give a shit
you cant use free schematic editor with paid for eagle
so if you just buy the layout editor, you cant back annotate
they were tripping because they had their pads licenses maxed out between one engineer and his tech
so i was like, fuck pads give me $1000 i knock this shit out
i dont remember like altium
dont remember it like that

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its funny one of my favorite techs to work with has a biogenetic background
crazy into synths and guitars
thats what they call a block?
block layout is awesome
guys did i pay for eagle?
holy shit
email seach says maybe

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should be fine if it isnt high frequency noise
k gl
you have a floating shield?
oh thats bad
its like connecting a capacitor from your signal to all the noise everywhere
its prob like 10 to 100 pf per meter
some shit like that
so if not grounded, its basically an antenna couples to your signal
heh, this is like mic preamp shit

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it means its external
oh coupling in through your input circuit
its not the system post input
im surprised theres not a spec standard ekg input impedance
if you short the input and the noise goes away, its not anything past the input, where your have them shorted
that shit is likely fine
so the problem is noise from your source, so you can filter it if you can deal with the latency, you can shield and ground better, and thats bout it

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whats C61 about?
i would try replacing R3 and R2 with 100, 1k, and 10k
to try and kill any ringing in the electrode cables
and then like C3 and C7 make 47pf, make C5 100pF
yeah you prob want to filter the input buffer same as the instrumentation amp electrode inputs

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how are you putting the parts on
wtf just do it what kind of bitch EE are you?
you have 16 channels?
i would try diff shit on each one, if you have to pay a company to do it

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i changed
yeah, just use the 100pf
in fact 100pf without the input resistor might be enough
10pf isnt real
unless youre an rf dork
100pf almost isnt real
but yeah 1.5Mohm input impedance with 100K source isn't too bad
unless this shit needs to have absolute readings versus some calibrated unit

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try again
actually yeah that totally eats it because source impedance
coupling cap
C3 is too big
jumper it if you dont want to use it

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whats the highest freq signal you want?

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becaise it takes larger magnetic fields to create significant noise in the line
while retaining pretty much the same immunity to electric field noise
try 100pf and 10nF at first
then maybe try calculating a -3dB freq with the 10k series resistance

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whats the nominal signal?
like 20mv?
jezus fuck
put 10M from inputs to ground
put 10k in series with the input line
put two caps to ground in parallel with the 10M resistor
uh, yeah
youre going to drop like 1% of your signal voltage
while increasing current like 2000x
you owe me $500, watch
it just will

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good CMMR, PSRR could be more awesome but its 5V part, regulated rails
yeah thd is nothing special
just get opa2134
+ noise
well if you only need a few megs, 20G is going to have more noise
whats source impedance?
yeah its not in the amp
its in the electrodes and input traces most likely

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less grid and mask, more silk
your inputs are buffered, no?
whats your input impedance?
no for the electrodes?
just 20G with nothing to ground
because my guess is you need megs
timecop: sec i check

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because fanout
whats the trace length from the buffers to the instrumentation amps
and whats the input impedance of the instrumentation amp?
oh jezus fuck
put input resistors to ground, like 10k
fet input shit

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it does noise like this everywhere?
just in your lab?
lab noise floors are like ~3mV
every lab ive been in, unless were in a cage
why does it need a buffer you cant find an strumentation amp that has a high impedance or built in buffer or something?
i think he means to spin new boards
plus pcba

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drop all the impedance
send me layout if i fix it pay me $500
so for the cost of one more noisy run you can pay me twice!
send me board, i rework it, pay me $500
okay i changed my mind now $600
i dont know what that means
if you mean bay area, no
like 100 miles up the coast from LA

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she might mean electronic resistance, thermal conductivity, wave electro plating step in the fab process
anyway, sounds like your CM sucks
or they dont consider you awesome enough to get the girl who kicks ass
heh, strong sounds familiar
hell might even help with noise

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i dunno you posted it
guys im faded
a little bit
no im taking knife hits of wax (ultra concentrate)
missing all the things or what
how has that thing been?
in general, not right now
`nico: xeyes + layers would be neat
like, if they made them actually look like eyeballs with setable lid and eye color, 2013 kids might not be completely fuck you about it

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who is ed
`nico: heheh

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kinda bumb, but does rpi have a real bios?
like, does that shit have some tiny core of usable interface for any of its media things?
or its just a dev board
The first ARM prototype version of the computer was mounted in a package the same size as a USB memory stick.[26] It had a USB port on one end and a HDMI port on the other.
thats cool where do i get that

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trinitrons from the 80s and shit

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what does pi have?
isnt it a computer?
do you see the issue of a computer that needs to be powered by a usb port?
or is it just me
so there is a head like a ref or test point or aux bullshit
is this attached to an intellegent circuit of some sort
or will it let me test overvoltage circuits on the host PC
reza____: whats the yellow?
but it has hdmi
does it do dvi or vga?
africans have full color

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so you can fail while you fail and not even realize it
whats a sketch
time to do weed like a hardcore basehead

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no GPF
hello head motherbish
i have hash oil so strong im afraid of it =\
also california style shawarma beef pita
so has arduino branched out beyond the one AVR now formally known as the arduino
im just thinking, like, another AVR
to actually spend it writing decent microcode?
timecop: =(

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