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thats like a normal night mofo

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all of us are, in a sense
we decided we didnt care
well if it's like that, i suggest getting a decent boom microscope, and like $400 in hacko kit

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you dont know much about efnet do you?
or me haha
16:30:54 < KornKage2> doesnt soldering make u lung ill ?
i dunno it kind of gives me a rush!
i prefer fumes from kester
im a traditionalist, i guess
MG chem makes pretty good smells, tho
also some murderous MSDS
read the MSDS
and yes it is, and in certain conditions, even worse
id be more concerned with what youre heating on the PCBA, if youre reworking

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kornkage2: so old
because its from middle of yesterday

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