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so like
i was supposed to try and not be spendy over the summer, find shit to do here
yeah i fail already

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4ch with batteries
er 4ch bench with battery pack

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i guess low end agilent is rigol
so they prob spend all day making BOMs against tek product
base techs are lab mules
thats shit you buy and throw on every bench
er base teks
if youre just buying one, you spend twice as much you can usually get ton of cool features
we have a battery one at work, awesome because you cant burn up its ground path trying to probe monster bridged amp output
yeah mines cool
still in my friends garage actually
its older, slow, but its the same as dated tek tds scopes, ui is usable and the features are useful

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cheater__: my guess it isnt consistent
depending on how pro and how much cash a manufacturer has
like i wouldnt be surprised if teks were just one giant asic
but china DSO are prob 'discrete' IC implimentations, seperate adc, mem, controllers

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ha, my wub
`nico: goldie in two weeks
3 hour set, too

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`nico: mfkr
haha, so i ask girl upstairs like HI NICE TO MEET YOU DID YOU CALL COPS BECAUSE SUBWOOFER!?
so it turns out she has a name, and she did not, and she thinks its pretty lame
for most applications, 1000%
they are src detecting, super advanced
then she went upstairs and played loud thumpy music for an hour
im all afraid to because cops threatened me with $1000 ticket
wow thats cool
i was pushing my KRK monitors and wub maybe 50% little before 9:00pm
like i made sure to be quiet before 9
and someone called the cops

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