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11:32:03 < macegr> best day of my life one day, worst day of my life the next
love is a horrible stomache ache

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`nico: prob a fixy with those stupid fat rims
everyone sees my flipflip hub and is like HEY IS THAT OTHER SPROCKET FOR FIXY
like, naw bitchres i got twice as many freewheels, go cry about your knees hipster
man i was at dnb other night and this guy at bar is like WHY ARE WE EVEN HERE
im like, wtf because thursday and hes like YEAH BUT WHY WE ARE ALL LIKE ZOMBIES
im like, uh ya okay we can be zombies to the headlines in 10 minutes youll feel better
and hes like YOU DONT UNDERSTAND WHY ARE WE ALL EVEN HERE im like wtf hipster because thursday you said you like dnb wtf

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macegr: hack of the century

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blackmoon: hey

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