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i dont get why people are tripping that the IRS is actually investigating applications
like, uh, isnt that what theyre supposed to be doing?
and wouldnt it kind of sad if they werent using keyworkds in search engines to do it?
seriously wtf

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.01R sense resistors ftw

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damn so lick, goldie in hollywood first week of july, then bailey week after, then dirtyphonics in orange county week after, then loadstar same place, week later
*so like
phonetic typos are weird
anyway, this is not working out to be a cheap summer as planned =(

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yeah welcome to the absolute basics, tc
it depends on the output and input impedance of the circuits
no youre right in a lot of systems
the RC is effectively ESR in series with capacitance

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cap in between what where
in series as a couplng cap, i dunno to create a phase shift
in series or parallel?
maybe level shifting
like clk out is 0-5V, and the input wants -2.5V to 2.5V
it depends on the series resistance
circuit inside the ICs
it might be intentional to slow the clock transistions
timecop: yes caps isolate DC voltage but pass AC voltage, in series like that
hi joellama
timecop: yeah usually

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tecan: not enough information

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