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and http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/BMOD0058%20E016%20B02/1182-1027-ND/3079291
dx^: ^ maybe that works!
25mA leakage current =(

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dx^: so you need a capacitor to push valves?
i dont know if this will work out so well
like what if you have enough juice to open the valve, but not to close it =(
gauze: i think you need 3 extra pins i think, because you have to latch two connected shift regs asynchronously, 3rd pin is clock

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so you want 4 blocks in 3 bytes, instead of 3 blocks in 3 bytes?
shift reg, but you prob need another couple pins
google 74 series shift register

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chargers and batteries always getting hot, so i never think of them as very efficient
no i mean Li-Ion
why use lead acid in 2013, you cant sell that, it has the word lead in it
SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT! USE OUR LEAD PRODUCT IN YOUR GARDEN! i dont think it will fly off the shelves
supercaps leak, i guess?

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gauze: check msg for block diagram link, i made that in a lazy hour in inkscape
i missed dirtyphonics and now im going to miss loadstar

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block diagram in inkscape
dx^: im guessing way more efficient than a battery and charger setup?
gauze: yeah, you just have to be smart about snaps and layer stacking
inkscape is less polished than visio or illustrator, but it runs light and loads fast and is free
gauze: yeah i use them to generate PNG, i dont distribute SVG
mostly because viewers will handle transparency and page edges differently

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what youre saying could all be true, youre still trolling
yeah handle it whenever, this one seems somewhat civil
this is like, audiophile salesman level shit

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http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schumann_resonances is actually kind of interesting
anyway, shutup troll

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dx^: blue dream is the new og kush
and no, mine is mine he dont get none

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dx is a gas engineer

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holy fuck, what?

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sculptor: its better than when i used it years ago

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guys i think i almost like inkscape

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