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marcecko: yours is probably special

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dx^: try using a GIO pin as the voltage source
i think they use fets as switches, so they should be low impedance, and youre gonna want to use high resistance anyway because low power application
try like 100K for the total resistance
and yeah you can also use fets to disable the dividers

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reading your datasheet now to confirm
yeah that shit doest have power save mode
so correct, power down, then watchdog to wake up
niiice, 10uA in powerdown mode
brownout detection disabled
anyway, brb

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checking a datasheet
yeah powerdown mode shuts down all except watchdog and asynchronous clocks
power save mode shuts everything down, so i think you need an external async clock

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honestly if you use dated files and 'save as...' and are careful, you dont need rev control
nope, but mostly because i dont make much shit anymore
kind of want to use it for something at work
yeah think so
you can use normal timers, too

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ac-130u: if you dont have some sort of PLM database to specifically manage boms, just use excel
its what CM are used to
product like management, revision control for boms and documents
arena and omnify are PLM databases
my guess is theyre tens to hundreds of thousands usd
i think ive heard of that
excel plus something like svn would work well
hahaha nice
its software revision control
so you can update the boms and it will track the changes
dunno if itll do excel tho
if itll let you roll back, then i would try excels thing

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and yeah, brick electronics shops are from a time when datasheets came in big books
neither model really works anymore
because they prob just buy it from newegg and mark it up, then have customers talk shit
not worth their time
like, you go to computer seller shows now, and you maybe save shipping costs
but probably now
anyway, back to werq

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yeah fuckem, their NAMM booth was a bunch of suits looking bored, bunch of speakers not even plugged in
yes, im just bored because basically job is 1/3 of what i was doing 5 years ago
and the carrot boss hung in front of me is like, haha yeah in the story of rens awesome life, that doesnt really work, throwaway chapter
rab: also, company culture is like, pretend rock n roll, fan shit, air guitar version of last job
and its kinda like, guys i can go home and be part of real life rock n roll culture
like, without spending hundreds a month on gas
next 6 months should be interesting

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thats a pretty typical small electronics store
sitting on old stock
rab: mfkr!
baller job never called back

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