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cs2 installer doesnt show estimated time left
it shows how much of your life its wasted already

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yeah, looks like all i need is spi and some chip selector pins

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because i dont need this for shit microcontroller peripherals, this is to control external peripherals that dont suck
but yeah, i have an stm32f4 discovery
i pretty much got code spinning on it and havent touched it since

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someone had to justify a few paychecks
for an avr tiny
thats kind of the point
sometimes you can do shit with a micro from like 30 years ago
adding complexity doesnt really gain much
it makes you want to use the features
which means itll be harder to backport the design to something cheaper
and irl engineering, lots of work goes into costing down designs
$.50 in qty

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cheapest avr is prob like $.50
i dont think i can buy this at digikey
found them
god i hate what digikey did with their columns
st cortex m0 is like $3

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rab: sounds typical haha
AVR ASM FOR LIFE! none of those issues
im actually going to prob use one for a work project, push some control regs around on digital audio transcievers

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