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im making noodles
i might do that tomorrow
going to try and go to bmx track
maybe in two weekends, maybe never
be just for the day, too, dont have moneys to camp whole weekend
yeah, dunno if i go friday, sat or sunday, tho
looking at schedule now
looking now i prob end up going sunday

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blackmoon: i figure it out when i need to use them, shrug
fuckin ME techs, have BSME degrees, SHOW ME HOW TO WORK TORQUE DRIVER
never seen shit like it before in my life, figure it out in 5 seconds, tell him how i figured it out, hes like WOAH
im like dotdotdot

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haha you have to kind of keep track of how many turns i think

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blackmoon: heh at micrometer odometer

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tonsofpcs: k thanks i will look into it more
yeah i have stuff at work to test with

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tonsofpcs: yeah i assume it keeps sending stat and control data, says it mutes audio data
joellama: hihi

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hmm fuck
so this AES3/SPDIF transmitter chip has a mute bit in a control reg
and it says mutes the aes3 output, and in one place it says the aes3 audio data
but i dont know if it stops the stream (do not want) or just zeros the audio data (do want)
oh hmm there a TXOFF that holds the diff trtansmitter outputs low
so i guess the other one sends zeros

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dx^: mfkr

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