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guys my bills are paid i have too much money

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you cant use ceramic
too much drift, low tolerance
c0g don't come that big

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macegr: we are looking at those
not the lepai thing, tripath amps
yeah film caps
good shit
polypropylene, down to 1%
up to a few uF
like ~50V, thats prob what those bigass red caps are

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when i left krk, an ee dork following me around while i got my stuff was like THE PCB YOU DID FOR THE NEW TINY KRK ARE PRETTY MUCH DONE, RIGHT?!?! and i says hahahaha
the stereo chipamp PCBA was done, tho, neat single sided board, still have a bunch

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semi active, they didnt suck when we measured them at KRK
theyre passive xover, w/ 2ch amp inside one of the speakers
under $200 just get a logitech 2.1 or some shit
maudio av40 is shit, same concept tho
the cerwin vega copy is a joke, it wasnt good enough to be a krk

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how much $$$
well tiny monitors will be flat with prob like 60hz to 80hz bottom
might not even like them if theyre just for pc speakers

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`nico: so i listened to some ath-m50 closed headphones, been wanting to for awhile
theyre awesome but they make me respect my mdr-7506 a ton more
7506 has all the bass, m50 is kind of voiced the same, neutral mids and highs
but omg bass
if you need headphones want mad bass w/ clear high end, ath-m50 ftw
also senheiser hd650 had nothing on the bottom
and needed an amp, werent sensitive at all
but jezus fuck omg so light and comfortable
`nico: we play music loud at each other all day
plus theres like three or four zones in the lab, usually all doing their own pandora shit
but yeah how much for monitors?

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monkeyisl: nice score @ 4 probes
we have one at work i dont use it
i use that series a ton
battery powered, has a external DC supply
but yeah, its floated, which is awesome for working with amps
shorting out a bridged amp with a scope probe is one of those things, heh
like forgetting to unwrap cables when doing multiple polar measurements, pulling DUT off the turntable platform

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er, they all have it for the trigger

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a lpf?
some of the teks ive used let you tack any type o filter you want to an input
but most have HF reject and noise reject for at least the trigger, think most have it for each channel

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neat how did you cut the glass?
try the laser!
yeah not sure if you are done or not

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