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okay i think centronics is the winner
anyway, bbl
honestly in industry its almost always IDC and ribbon
sometimes theyll use shielded cables broken onto into rectangular crimp housings
haha at the size of the micro thing
anyway its prob the best fast patching connector and it locks really easy/quick

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theres a brand thats common
this is for a synth?
patching that fast
yeah dsub is the best choice in terms of functionality, availability
sure but theres a reason it still exists
just find a circular connector that works
well hdmi feels as shitty as dsub, imo
use adat optical
16 channels, isolated, locking time is prob a second or two
how many channels is hdmi

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i cant find it
its not audiophile its pro/studio for wide channel count
adat is optical
not the accepted standard shit
XLR and speakon are some of the best electronic connectors ever
so theres a wide channel count connector like that
single locking screw in the middle, cebles enter from the side

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hey cool
friend was interested in a project like that
going to go geek out at work tho bbl
its just photo diodes with filters?
yeah they make smd shit
i dont make things anymore really im lame
i make other peoples things
current other people things are small, meh
yeah probably
dunno how the pairs and shielding work but its doable
i would look into the aes standard for aes3 over db25 or whatever it is
and just use like one or two of those
otherwise use the uh
studio shit, um

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it shouldnt
unless you did it like 20k times
it just flashes the chip every time it changes the program?
yeah i think the flash is 10k write rated
so eventually itll wear out, but not in a few days

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