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once in a blackmoon
guys i have given up with being all nice to the ants
ima bifen these mfkrs

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``nico: or it could just be that m$ has been two to five years behind the rest of consumer tech for a decade now

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whatever i just run the crosstalk test
its one of the modes you can set the gen to
then its just about how you connect the channels to the analyzer
also how you ground/load the victim channel affects it
i wont buy switchcraft anymore
the one they sell for it
and IDC + ribbon + hotglue = cheap, reliable

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you want to run stereo on the twisted pairs?
or signal and ground
yeah the shield i think is going to be the big difference on the cables, but prob more a long term reliability issue
for what length
whats replacing hdmi?
i hope they dont make it smaller

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the first one i clicked looked like it was
New soft dome HF unit.
New ATC “CLD” driver with 45mm integral soft dome.
youre saying thats not driven its just the dustcap
yeah i know, sometimes it works, too
theres moving and non moving dildonics
dildonics is the industry term for them =)
naw thats just normal
but its popular
ha i guess
you would want to test lots i think

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my gen 1 krk rokit8 measure better than most the hifi shit
no that was last job
new job is small home speakers on wireless mesh for audio streaming
ah, brits
theyre good at audio
never heard them
coax usually measures shitty
be interesting to see how it works for mids

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genelec 8240a, they measure way flat in our chamber, like +/- 0.5dB
and they do that underwhelming thing
like, nothing stands out at all, very whell behaved
except transient response, so i assume alignment between the tweeter and woofer, and just response time of the woofer
shit is impressive, i didnt know things happened that fast in a lot of recordings
cheater__: depends how you drive them, but id say less than average noise
i have them hooked up to a rack DSP via AES3, and we're feeding the rack dsp SPDIF from digital audio sources
wtf is atc, and i doubt it because i dont know what that means
thats neat
and no ive never tested those
new job the people in charge dont care so much or know so much about reference speakers
they are like, bose, b&w, polk, good shit

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oh so its setup like a fader?
i was thinking proximity/tap
what vid
whats it called
hes got KRK VXT
wow that demo is cool
what i worked there i always notice them
haha, in the snoop lion documentary
when they got to tuff gong it had krk rockits
later in the documentary they had genelecs
ill have to agree with snoops producers on that choice
we have the dsp 2-ways at work

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so you can set it up like pre-touch i guess?
i made it up, like aftertouch but before you touch the key

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cheater__: i can probably do that if the hardware isnt very messy

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wed be 3 years post nuclear apocolypse
theyd be in the white house ruling a wasteland with an iron fist
talking about we won the war and enjoy your freedom
they ruin us even when not elected
theyre bitches, bending over for the stupid demographic because its easy

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21:04:10 < `sH> trust me Sculptor no one in the United States like Obama.
i honestly dont think hes the biggest issue
hes a politician and a human, i think most people forgot that
my guess is he got there, had plans, than the mil and intelligence agency took over his life
good politicians dont get things done
you have to be someone elses bad politician to push your constituents agenda
sure and to close guantanamo
and when half of congress is literally doing everything in their power to not legislate, yeah aint shit gonna get done
or decades before
in some instances by young cheney

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