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wow it worked
he stopped the flow

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playing concerts?
to play large venues you have to establish yourself by being poor while simultaneously doing lots of drugs
its a talent

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alternatively, learn to use pioneer cdj and djm gear, and get pretty deep into some specific pile of current EDM music
impress some promotor, play in clubs
either way, be poor forever
if youre not being poor, youre traveling, a lot

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truth ^
tecan: live dj = buy or rent speakers on sticks PA setup, buy some sort of serato or traktor setup
then like, market to college kids and the bar mitzvah scene

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you want to make money by becoming a dj?
this doesnt happen so much

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ha cool its actually slightly hurting my brain
like brain knows it should have heard something in the recording just isnt there, but its like theres enough shit going on thats close enough, brain mostly doesnt care

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tecan: neat, reason loads up bunch of the new preset-only samplers

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streaming audio of decoded midi?
would be neat if you could pick between different sound font streams, same midi files
i wonder what happens when you import into reason...

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i want to sell my pod hd pro
because i just use it as an audio interface, and it sucfks at being an audio interface
that sucks
yeah kinda tecan
i wish i could just like, pick a preset and play with that and be happy
this is what the productuve producers mostly seem to do
i like, start playing with knobs
then like 2 hours later im like, i dont think ive actually made any musics

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isnt ardour some lunix shit
oh on linux and osx
so for everyone except me fine
can you easily do performance mixing and sequencing? thats what all the little kids are into
it does vst?

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pretty much

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this one doesnt mention calibration software, dont think it has battery level monitoring
timecop: its not standard, the 3rd terminal
like we had some battery pack that a lot of OEMs use, and we had ones marked sony and panasonic from early dev samples
some were just a PTC, some were active temp sensors
nokia still exists?
because MS really needs a bunch RF engineers
oh nevermind MS will get all that nokia marketing talent

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the guitars had the BQ shit, for the li-ion batteries
had temp and voltage monitoring, i2c interface

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`nico: are you going to take over the world with stepper bots
also jst connectors ftmfw

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sounds like sci-fi channel

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mfkr channel
i just went through a bunch of boxes from moving
guys i have a lot of electronics parts and shit
and random audio PCBs
a year ago

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flouro is good for little spaces, tiny plants like seedlings
well it looks like a flouro
but instead of generating a field between electrodes in the tube, they do it outside of the glass envelope
big deal

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i want a garden
dont know anything about it
have doubts, reading it

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i have an hd 22"
just one =\
but i prob have better speakers
100% difference, pfft

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i think i am a bot
but i never remember my bot pass
am an op

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