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rme stuff, i think the headphones are an independent channel pair, youhave to setup monitoring in their DSP mixer utility
Hi-Power headphone output for independent submix.
yeah so that thing is 8x8 balanced, ADAT optical, coax SPDIF, MIDI IO, *and* independent headphone channels
(btw you need like $600 worth of proprietary "firewire" express card or pcie to use that thing)
cmon that interface totally gives you a boner
yeah their firewire connector isn't for vanilla firewire
i dont think itll work
kinda but their shit is bulletproof on a decent pc

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look i have daw software, has some sort of mixing console or equiv
it has some booth/headphone monitor shit, so you can listen to muted channels
so you would seup the booth/headphones on ch 3-4
if you have dj software, same shit
if you want to use the headphone monitoring functionality to cue your tracks (how the fuck do you dj without doing that...) you need 4 channels out
and a way to monitor ch 3-4 independently

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how do you select which channels you are monitoring with the headphones?
haha because its a trick
it doesnt have 4 analog outs, and nothing balanced
it just has stereo RCA and spdif out
okay so pricing versus channel count explained, id rather have the focusrite
tho yeadh tascam shit is def a deal

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its $199 at sweetwater
us-200 is $150
$200 is pretty fair, i kind of like the focusrite headphone monitoring options better
the tascam has aes3 tho

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fuckin sales guy is an idiot
thats not what that switch does
i have one at work
i think, sec
we got that at work
and you bought it from the back of a van
its basically same price as the focusright
some nipponese store

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24/96 converters, 2 in 4 out
i think this is the one i want
they make same thing $50 cheaper with only 2 out but it's kind of annoying not to be able to have a dedicated headphone stereo pair with some daw software
timecop i dont want dx china trash i want something that actually works
youd prob buy some 16/44.1 shit

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IK multimedia put a usb audio interface inside a guitar expression pedal
i dont work on guitar stuff

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somehow i dont believe that

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