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why dumb
using IT laptops was dumb
those things were spiking at 26ms interrupt handling latency
new thing, i was all bummed out when it hit 450us peak after days of monitoring
most people dont understand the concept of dpi anyway =\

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so that shit that can do 6 displays can really do 24 with hubs?
i dont think these cards can do 24 out
i dont think 4x4 will work unless you have three cards?
im just going by what the tables say
im not trying to design a GPU card
tho 4 or 6 monitors on one port is pretty win
so i built this monster pc for work, shit is like a gaming rig without a gpu, fully modular psu, tiny ssd
big liant li case, shit is so empty inside

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ur a diff
yeah is this shit hard to sync?
your gaps are going to be like 100px wide
did you make more boards to do like a 4x4 panel?

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