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yo man you dont even need to ask us about that
we have no fucking idea and if we were you wed test all of them
wow imagine that making standards available
when do we get communism

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okay so the cluster fuck looks recent
so my guess is apple did it backwards, because apple
and now everyone is switching so their accessories and interchangable
so what i think about that is fuck steve jobs up the goat ass
Some computers now include a TRRS headset socket, compatible with headsets intended for smartphones. One such pin assignment, with ground on the sleeve, is standardized in OMTP[14] and has been accepted as a national Chinese standard YDT 1885-2009.
wtf china has standards?

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no srsly start probing shit
yes what rab says, do that
08:14:43 < renesis> T R R S is LEFT RIGHT MIC GND
tip ring ring sleeve, T R R S
google knows if its not clear
yeah im not sure about that
ha, depends
looks like sleeve = mic is new standard
latest Samsung, latest Sony (2012+)

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wtf is red
yellow is a midrange
u fuck it
right thats what thats about
im like wtf power wires are weird in san jose

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oh he said mic too huh
same shit, ring out the second ring, thats the mic wire
yeah thats what the factory had
yeah black = death in america
yeah left is first, thats the mnemonic
seriously thats how i remember, left is mono is first
left is first right is red
thats pretty much all you need to remember
however red is hot in balanced cables
so would be connected to tip
so i guess that is how you tell stereo cables from balanced cables
if not were going to have to teach you about leds and youre going to have to take more coby shit apart
we know you have coby shit that youre not using

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damn he thanked me for that
two 1k would have prob been better
`nico: macegr: rab: mfkrs
if the tiny coax is cut, good luck
if the driver is blown, you need a new one
ask the manufacturer
i know
youre not trying to get warranty repair
ask them to speak to a service tech
they dont have service techs
they prob dont even have customer service
take a dmm
connect to headphone plug sleeve
touch shield and both pins
only shield should beep, center wires (previously referred to as pins) should not
if they do toss the shit
if that works, touch the tip of the plugs, touch all three wires
if the shield beeps you fucked up at the first part
if one of the wires beeps, thats left
ring should only beep on the other center wire
ring is the part of the plug between the shield/sleeve and the tip

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yeah two 10K to the input of the sub would prob work

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