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yeah kittens are like the pizza crust of cats
its almost the reason for cats
then when theyre asshole adult cats, you remember how awesome they were as kittens and you dont kick them out

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haha nice

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arch seems solid, i just dont have time to figure out how it wants me to manually do things
so puppy is cool?
mostly i want to turn the shit on and hook onto wifi nets without dranma or editing text configs
i will try it
would be useful at work, to have its eth port setup to direct connect to our systems in test mode, and still have net access through the wifi
because celeron

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i dont know what to do with my netbook
heh, 4gb ssd woot
yeah, very first netbook!
i had a stripped out xp install on it forever
think last thing i did was try arch linux on it
xubuntu worked well for me
xfce ubuntu
puppy is based on what?

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urmom? all questions answered.

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