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marketing and design are like the same thing!
i need caffeine

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fucking island is good
you should be a game designer

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rework means your shit is functioning today
and you didnt scrap a build without figuring least some shit out
now with higher profit margins!

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blackmoon: + high temp hot glue makes circuits like that mass production spec
blue wired in?
dremel tool
or a belt sander
its maybe not about fit, its maybe that they never had the PSU design files
not enough ESR?

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those infinity spikes suck
smps is for companies who dont want to waste money on thermal solutions
because effective thermal solutions are 'ugly'
rab: =( =( =(

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thats more

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you need to turn the screw
on the probe
if youre not using a real probe, thats not so bad
check for a little trim screw, turn with tiny screwdriver, watch the square wave edges
get a real probe
can get 50mhz china stuff for under $20

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