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just voltage meter across a sense resistor
i think flukes will blink shit on their display
but how often do i look at that when i set it up =\
HAHA man im so bad about ringing out circuits...
because i forget they beep under 10R
so ill measure one side of a speaker to gnd and get a beep
hook up scope probe to new found ground
send amp into protect through the scope ground =\
because it beeped through the speakers 8R =\ =\ =\

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buy a 0.1R sense resistor, like 10W
non inductive, 1%
hard to burn up, super useful
itll only be good down to like 30mA or so depending on your noise floor, yeah
but im like, under 30ma when do you ever have a problem
haha unless the cheapreg needs a min load
dont use it

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i usually tag them date.rev
like 20130929.2
for personal stuff, work stuff is usually like, x0, x1, x2 for prototypes and r1, r2 for production spec, or something similar

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because youre being dumb
you 4 wire to negate the effects of series wires and leads
and i think thats it
since current is the same in a series circuit, probe resistance in an inline current measurement doesnt matter
blackmoon: right
its just taking voltage without dropping out power in your leads
like you want to measure voltage at the speaker terminal
not at the amp before 20ft of speaker cable
so you 4 wire, 2 leads to the amp, two leads to the voltage sense
current sense you can do anywhere in the circuit
yeah wow
bridge voltage measurement?

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littlew guy is pretty badass
we have heatsinks lying around
we just wanted something we knew wouldnt change with repeated test cycles
yeah current stays the same through the DMM
4 wire breaks current measurements unless you calibrate for the probe resistance
which seems dumb
4 wire just matter for remote voltage measurement
right but if youre not that remote, or you dont care about the pin resistance, 4 wire is useless
its nice to have extra terminals
i know for current measurement this is kind of retarded
because they prob do a 4 wire setup inside the meter
they dont measure the voltage at the terminals, they measure it at the sense resistor
which is essentially a kelvin setup
im talking about ttmustangs app
cheater is just being a douche

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no smps is clean
an unloaded linear supply with mad low leakage low esr caps is clean
blackmoon: yeah but ripple sucks
no load, no ripple \o/
because you can hear it
i bought a badass kelvin sense resistor

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ttmustang: hi wat

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