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inductance, pulse width, pulse amplitude
find some math you can plug that shit into

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anyway interesting, considering $25 donation
i was probably going to forget about it in 2 minutes
i almost forgot about the $15 one but PDF is so impersonal
this is what you give a girl when you want her to calculate your internal box volume

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10:29:55 < macegr_> road to disaster
but dicks in pussies aside shes cool to kick it with
srsly i realized this twice

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like, i want to high 5 my friend and also bend her over and hump her
and also her girlfriend
so yeah lesbians are weird, like im getting all sorts of indicators that she likes me a lot and also not so much at all

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yeah ER is shitty for toolchanges
unless your tooling has collars with fixed z offset
and even then i would only trust it for through drills and routes
PCB drills
i would just jack into the 1/8" ER collet, tighten until i felt the taper squeeze
close enough
you think a parallel port card in a pci-e slot would have way more latency than something on the mobo?
mobo shit used to be on a reptile brain controller chip but prob hasnt been like that for 10 years
yeah basically
also i have a lesbian friend at work, obviously i want to put my penis inside
so ive met of few of the girls shes dating, omfg theyre hot
this is way better than meeting a girls boyfriend, this is pretty fun

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