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whatever i used to play with mercury in the sink all the time as a kid
i turned out fine

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because you want something that will work with modern measurement software
especially if youre ever going to be doing anything acoustic
gotta go work laters

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RME multiface
but you prob dont want to spend $1600
i was looking into a scarlett 2i4, i think
24/96, decent thd specs
i suggest searching gearslutz forum and find out what people are using to do diy measurements
theres a few known good cards for low thd and snr, like basically theoretical best performance for the converters used
good shit costs money, tho
nope, and i think it only has mix pres in, so i wouldnt totally trust for measurement
*mic pres in
multiface ii is 8x8 plus some optical and clocking stuff
also midi
right because theyre known good
so you see a lot of measurements taken on them
yeah thats why youre not going to take him seriously

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Technically, the larger driver inside Play:1 is only a mid-range, but I was quite impressed at how much low-end something this size can throw out.
technically, thats just wrong

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