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hey man i didnt write the song

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but yeah besides VC gauges, the objet has been pretty awesome

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also the objet we have has a bigass envelope
no shit?
yeah thats prob fine but id hate trying to use FDM for gauges
we cant use the objet for thin wall gauges anyway
like i been using it to do gauges for aligning top plates to poles
and you can go hella tight and the material will be good for maybe a couple dozen woofers before it rubs away too much
but using it for gauges to align voice coil to pole is a waste of time
tall cylinders with like 0.4mm walls
itll print them, but if you manage to clean the support material off without breaking it, usually itll just break while youre using it
had to get that shit machined out of delrin last time we forgot to get gauges

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heh @ $200 for a dimension printer
whatever id still ask for like $800 and try and get $400
um, yeah except thats a real machine
oh hmm it doesnt have the xy gear
anyway, i miss the FDM a bit, we have a few in our east coast office
way better for structural shit than the objet
the objet shit is kinda crumbly, and its hard to hold dimensions because its hard to differentiate between the support material and primary material
so you either end up leaving some of the support on, or you end up scraping away some of the model
also the UV set shit doesnt completely cure in the light
usually takes a few days if you do gloss
yeah but whats the res and accuracy of your thing?

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