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i imagine its a bitch to get consistent fit, over a large set of holes
unless you good with speeds and feeds and know when to pull the endmill
for taps?
yeah i imagine theyre hard to break because a hand held dental tool wont load up the bit very much
taps skills = time to kill, paranoia
yeah but im saying compared to a machine tool

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10 mil
i broke taps in aluminum, and ended up doing circles around them with an endmill to not waste tooling drilling them out
if i end up doing a lot of machine work again, i want to try using thread mills instead of taps
thread mills?
just need CAM software that can generate the shit easy

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rab: sexy
rab: what are you doing drills with?
rab: nice
and yeah i had cabide .012 that would do like 100 drills before breaking
the .016 would break when i hit them with the collet wrench
all about low runout and totally perpendicular motion
i know!
carbide <3 <3 <3

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