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like, have to power cycle hardware or restart software all the time, shit freezes all the time when you use it on carpet, UI is fast but limited, and there are artifacts in the aquired waveforms which no one can explain
but i can walk up to it and get results in like 30 seconds
other system can use any hardware, we use it with a badass external RME 8x8 interface, doesnt choke when you try and measure THD through a long latency DSP system, can be programmed to do just about anything you need, unlimited channel counts
but you basically have to script a UI for everything you do, so walk up to it to run tests, sometimes dont get a useable workflow and results for towards an hour
well unlimited in the sense they will let you pay for more channels =\

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timecop: you use outlook?
``nico: 3600W integrated switch rectifier?
neat except for ambient max rating
not okay for outdoor use in the shade in los angeles =\
bay area probably okay!
and youre prob not going to pull 3600W from it? what sexiness is the package?
corkscrew, avacado, snorkel
we have italian audio measurement system
theyre actually an amazing value
but its extremely italian

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i dont like gmails new app clicker
now i gotta click twice to get to calandar

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