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like what
woah @ 1 cycle multiplier
looks cool

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because cheap
bose wont use them

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yeah but my way you dont have to open them

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cheater__: what if i made a volca sync
w/ psu breakout
and mixer
damn i just thought of those last two lines as i typed them, feature creep with a 2x4

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i want like an mpc, but i dont want it to have pads
or a floppy drive

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nn-nano, bottom left module
some shit like that, with an SD card
the full module lets you asign samples to key ranges and velocity, and do layered samples
but fuck all that, just being able to load a sample and fuck with some basic envelope and filter parameters would be neat
so it prob exists

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rab: sweetwater has tiny print that says they are taking preorders and shipping as fast as possible
they says they think they have more next week tho but there are like 400 preorders
i says, im moving in 3 weeks, yo
theyre like, okay we contact you before shipping
but yeah looks like i got volca bass from full compass
cheater__: i want a real sampler
like i feed it fucking wave files and it steps through them in some sane way to pitch shift them
you use reason?
the little mini nnxt sampler in the kong drum machine would would be sweet
its neat now, its now an amazing soft synth with amazing mixer and kinda meh DAW and sequencing

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nm its 16U
the end covers have legs that pop out, hook into the side of the case, so you have two work tables next to the rack
custom shit, work ordered too many

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guys its fuckin coooold
all my shit is active
i wish i had amps, i have two huge anvil shock racks
like a gear rack surrounded by 2" of heavy foam, mounted to the external case w/ rubber or spring dampers at the corner
i think theyre 18U

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but yeah its like, opamp overdrive into fet buffer that integrates the LPF
least my version
it does have nice decay
pitch goes deep doesnt sound crunchy, too
ha it only has 8 mem patches
thatll save me from the downward spiral of filling up all my pattern banks

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yeah i want to use them for a bit before i start breaking them
volca beats kick
i want that shit to be at least 1.33s
yeah fuck research
i asked my synth homie about them and he was excited
i love rats
absolutely adore them
my line6 multieffects pedals is basically a full time digital rat
you like buy guitar trash and then complain that its trash
this is like buying an car setup for autocross and complaining the ride is stiff
youre like, gonna put the a/c back in
rab: my turbo rat was my first RE project
it was never really the same =\

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rab: i got beats from sweetwater, free shipping
ha, full compass called back, they say they do have one on hand, but it hasnt been allocated yet
so unless someone got in right before me, thats mine
i call back in a bit to check
okay now i wait forever
this is gonna be cool i wont have to fuck with computers and network authentication to play with synths
wonder how long the decay knob goes

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i got bass from fullcompass, free shipping
now says out of stock
calling to confirm

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rab: theyre $149 but they dont have them
zzounds has the one i dont want
so its spotty, they just didnt make enough
hope that doesnt mean qc issue
well then it means theyre dumb

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oh it has a pot
theyre supposed to be available months ago
oh fuck
they didnt make enough

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thats how fast the schematic says the oscillator jiggles
because eyeballs
TP2 is 555Hz

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its always the digital board
piss on it see if the tone changes
its a hum generator
tru analol, yo
so it has an oscillator amp inside, and that tunes the positive feedback, which tunes the clock frequency
so yeah that prob controls everything digital

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well thats cool i guess
i can use the A and B channels to control soft synths, C and D to control volca stuff, and use the soft synth to sequence
fatar in the middle
i think you need to fix your house

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i was eventually going to ask...
also theres a headphone jack, no?
cheater__: so i cant really sync volcas?
unless i use external sequencer
right but not basic transport functions
listen with headphones without the pedal?

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fanuc smash
your finger
capacitance is your friend, this aint no tube amp
yes, poke shit until something changes that sound thats bothering yo
move e-caps
any adjacent caps, move them on their pins
yeah if they break of thats a problem you need to fix anyway
yeah i bet the copper traces slide like butter
do the same thing with the traces on the bottom

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rab: whatever gotta learn to be civil i guess
be a grown up punk ass kid, or whatever
because its before the hum
youre not very good at electronics
biscuit is expensive
i can make an 8b sampler
is that wat it is
are you bridging grounds yet
do you even have the soldering iron plugged in
have you touchyed things yet
listen to it and touch all the things
touch them hard so they feeeel it

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ya how you know
theyre not that old how extended
guess which ones i want
fuck so i guess im driving to guitar center
yeah looks like best buy gave up and faking pro audio
and then some sort of sampler box, i think that would be fun to play with
okay well start bridging grounds and trying bigger batteries
new potential landlady put no instruments on lease
rock out with headphones

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but yeah i saw some stuff when they launched
wonder if theyre smd
im going to buy one
like right now
fuck GC is like 50 miles away
fuck this city
tom+snare+kick feer

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rab: opinion ^
i have old 88 key aftertouch controller with 4x4 midi io
these would velcro nice to the big long blank panel above the keys
oh shit
i have to start trolling my way into namm
prob too late

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so wether its coupling through EM fields or shit grounds, the led load is more significant than the output stage load versus when its loaded down with 10k or some other typical input stage impedance
clip out the leds
you dont, because youre trying not to load them
well i would try other things first
move the cable around
then its prob not that
then try the 10k thing and see if it fixes it

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other extreme, i guess 600R was a typical load for coupling transformers
which is really low to drive with higher voltage signal power stuff
600 is an pretty accepted audio standard tho
so now everything sane is opamp buffered
10M is way high, most shit is speced into like 10K loads, maybe down to 1K
audio shit will usually include specs for 600R load
anyway, 10k is safe
or the output stage of the circuit
well you can put the 10K across the output of the source instead of the end of the cable
because its coupling into circuit
because they leds are pulling a significant amount of current, and the output stage isnt

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so like a fairie pisses dust on your cable and the magnetic energy gets into your signal
higher output impedance sometimes helps
forms LPF with parasitic capacitiance in the cable and circuit
well it kind of depends how you impliment it and where the noise is from
shrug, it makes sense for a lot of stuff
opamp is ideal version of that
like if you have enough control over the signal path, you want the shit like low impedance in your signal band and high impedance everywhere else
10M comes from tube output stages, and guitar pickups with 10K series resistance

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thats as annoying as lesbians being in love with me
actually thats a bad analogy i kind of like the lesbian thing
she pays for stuff!
ya not this one, not yet at least
oh wtf
the fuzzbox is prob 10M input impedance
so now everythings fucked up
10M is never okay
never trust a resistor above 100K in audio
its guitar trash
guitar trash make tube circuits look advanced
anyway, try putting 10k between tip and ground on the fuzz box side of the cable
youre not running any current in your signal

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yeah around that
itll be there itll just be more of a minor noise than an annoyance
rab: 100hz =\
euro hum
dont be mean rab will prob help you more than me
because youre a bitch most the time
ya thats why im saying be nice to rab hes nicer than me

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10ms is typical, tho trained people seem to be able to pick out shit down to like 1ms
producers, athletes, etc
audio, tho i imagine vid producers are the same
i just meant in general, not specific to vision
it seems to be the frame rate of our perception
teknique: yeah bad rgb pwm will look all silly if you wave your fingers
okay look
your led pwm circuit is dropping out your batteries, because they have a parasitic series resistance
that is creating a hum tone on your rail, which is coupling into your audio circuit because its prob some lo-fi super discrete analog hax with total shit PSRR
you need to drop it like 30dB at least
to make it "go away"
60dB if you want it gone for real

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wtf thats not even electronics homework
batteries dont really have ripple
theyll dropout with load
its not ripple its just dropout from the batteries ESR
its not ripple, its just how its being loaded
its a synth so its probably dropping out in sync with the generated wave
xenon77: dont msg me about homework, thanks
rab is such a good op, im glad i forgot my bot pass years ago
because your LEDs are switching at 100hz
which is good practice
because 100hz is the edge of human perception
you usually dont notice its pulsing unless the device is moving

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